Agile Quick Start

Want to get up to speed with AgilePM (fastest growing Agile qualification globally), but can only get out of the office for 2 days – join my special accelerated Foundation course 28-29/10 in London. Learn the AgilePM basics, get up to speed with the terminology and understand what everyone else is talking about! Principles and critical success factors of Agile projects; Team structures, and how teams (not the Project Manager) plan the work; 6 simple processes to move from idea to delivery; Techniques to plan, prioritise and demonstrate progress.

AND get your Foundation level qualification, special sitting at 5pm on the 2nd day, £895 plus vat, or self funders £715 plus vat, includes all pre-course textbook, course materials and results service. Contact me for last few places


with Melanie

This makes for a fascinating course, where you learn so much more than the words on the page. the course "If I'm going to pass with anyone, it'll be with Melanie".


with Melanie

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