Latest Agile resources

Researching for my next set of webinars in my Agile Academy program, I have found these to be useful/interesting/thought provoking so wanted to share:

This provides a detailed framework for building Agile capability across all levels of your organisation


Practical ideas for making Agile behaviours a reality


Thoughtful piece on incorporating controls and regulatory compliance into the work of Agile teams


I thought the first 30 days, first 100 days and first 365 days of an Agile transformation towards the end of this report was interesting


An explanation of how to include governance, risk and compliance into Agile approaches, it’s a couple of years old but still has good points to make


And in case you didn’t know it existed, read about the World Agility Forum from a fantastic voice in all things Agile, Steve Denning


with Melanie

This makes for a fascinating course, where you learn so much more than the words on the page. the course "If I'm going to pass with anyone, it'll be with Melanie".


with Melanie

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