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The value, importance and need for change management skills is growing at a rapid pace. I believe we are entering a new phase of growth, as organisations move from only have a handful of change professionals, to a broader resource pool of local change leaders, based in the business but responsible, with their colleagues, for changing their ways of working.

Establishing a Change Agile or Change Champion network is an important capacity building activity for the organisation. It requires tangible changes to job descriptions, key performance indicators and performance management reviews, competency models and hiring processes for new staff. It is also a cultural change. It fundamentally alters the expectation on staff, broadening their responsibilities from “doing a good job” to “doing a good job and improving the way the job is done”.

This means that the our role as change professionals has to mature, to transfer our knowledge to these business based subject matter experts, and to form them into a network of their peers, so that they can ensure the changes they make benefit not only a specific process but also the full end to end value stream.

For more ideas on how to get started, use these resources:

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