3 most read posts this year

It is the time of year when we share the highlights, so hear are some of my most read and commented on articles for 2018 covering Agile project management, Agile change management and business change management:

Agile makes me cleverer – my experiences of how my knowledge of all things Agile is helping me to scope and plan the change initiatives I am responsible for https://agilechangemanagement.co.uk/2018/10/15/knowing-agilepm-makes-me-cleverer/

As we make new years resolutions, perhaps looking after our mental health when we are deeply stressed at work needs to be amongst them. I have had a lot of thanks for writing this article on emotional resilience so I hope you find it useful https://agilechangemanagement.co.uk/2018/12/02/emotional-resilience-key-to-effective-change-management/

I was surprised how popular this article on the value of “housekeepers” in delivering organisational change was, so many people thanking me for acknowledging that it isn’t only the early adopters who are essential. Read the article and decide which category you are https://agilechangemanagement.co.uk/2018/11/11/key-people-for-effective-business-change/

If you want more like this, contact me at melanie@agilechangemanagment.co.uk and I will add you to the distribution list for my regular newsletter. Next instalment contains the trends for change management in 2019.