Start learning Agile

Calling all Project Managers, Programme Managers, Business Analysts and Change Management Professionals – start your Agile journey with me. Understanding Agile no longer sets you apart as ‘up to date’ – NOT knowing Agile clearly brands you someone who is out of touch with how projects and change initiatives are run today.

I use my extensive experience of projects, programmes and transformational change initiatives to put Agile into a relevant, easy to understand context that takes account of many of my real-life experiences of creating Agile ways of working.

To ensure you get the most out your precious time I have chunked up the AgilePM examination course into bite size chunks – you decide how long you spend getting qualified.

If you only have 2 days – learn the basics

  • Get up to speed with the terminology and understand what everyone else is talking about!
  • Principles and critical success factors of Agile projects
  • Team structures, and how teams (not the Project Manager) plan the work
  • 6 simple processes to move from idea to delivery
  • Techniques to plan, prioritise and demonstrate progress

If you can stay for 3 days, get qualified in AgilePM

  • Practically apply these processes and techniques
  • Become qualified at Foundation level – sit the AgilePM Foundation examination
  • Learn how to address the successful implementation if each agile delivery from each sprint

In 4 days get qualified at AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner levels

  • Examine the practicalities of applying Agile processes and techniques
  • Create your own plan for how to apply Agile to your work
  • Become qualified at Agile Project Management Practitioner level