Change Management Resources

Business Change Management Resources

Change Management is a growing professional discipline. There are lots of new ideas about how to do it well, and this is a selection of resources that I think are useful, interesting and give insight in how to make change a reality.

Great videos:

How to motivate individuals to change – Dan Pink

A reminder of why we need to emphasise the positives about our change initiatives

How great leaders inspire action

Fantastic ideas for addressing resistance to change

Don’t forget, helping people to create new behaviours is more effective if it meets their preferences. These resources help us to understand the needs of different generations:

This is a famous video about not ignoring the contribution that introverts can make and is a reminder that so many of our change activities e.g. workshops, discussions etc favour those with a more extrovert personality

And of course, behaviour change requires us to have excellent levels of emotional intelligence. This is my current favourite video to explain the basics of EQ

The bigger picture of neuroscience if you want the background

Short papers:

Involving line managers and front line staff in change initiatives

New behaviours also have to align with your values. This is an interesting article about encouraging people to identify their values and decide on their actions as a result of this:

The reality of managing more than one change at a time

Managing high volumes of Change

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I hope you find these resources useful, and if you want more, connect with me as I regularly share interesting research on business change and Agile approaches.