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My unique profile means I can deliver high impact consulting alongside active training and leadership roles to effect change.

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Melanie Franklin- Agile Change Management Trainer
I really enjoyed the Agile Change
Steven Hagen
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I really enjoyed the Agile Change training course. It was delivered at a pace that was right for me and the examples and case studies that Melanie was able to use to support and bring the material to life really made it engaging for me.
Fantastic course
Anthony Brown
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Fantastic course delivered brilliantly, full of positive techniques that can be used in the real world. Melanie tailored the course to the individuals and backed up the theory with examples that everyone...
Mel was amazing
Mariya Staneva
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Mel was amazing! She explained everything so well, making it easy to understand. It was a great experience! I would like to rate her 10!!!
Enjoyable and engaging training
Ian Michaelwaite
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Mel's enthusiasm and enjoyment of the change process shine through, and her endless anecdotes help make the information easily relatable.
Highly practical course
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Highly practical course, incredibly relevant content, extremely well delivered. Melanie's in-depth knowledge and expertise make the difference.
The only person you should learn Change Management with
Elliot Cyriax
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The time I spent learning the Agile Change Management course with Mel was invigorating and insightful and Mel's passion for and knowledge of all things change stands out during your time with her.
Working with Mel was a pleasure
Alex Storey
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Working with Mel was an absolute pleasure. During the 3 week course, we covered an intense amount of learning content and Mel delivered this in a comprehensive manner and authentic style. An incredible woman to have the pleasure to have worked with.
Amazing Course
Joel Yorke
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Amazing course - essential for agile practices in not just change management, but general project management too! Impeccably delivered by Melanie...
Amazing Trainer
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Melanie is an amazing trainer. Her course is full of interactive activities. She teaches brilliantly and her knowledge and experience is incomparable. She used different theories in her teaching that made the course content easy to understand.
Melanie Franklin was a brilliant…
Thomas Law
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Melanie Franklin was a brilliant instructor who clearly explained the various complex theories and frameworks using real life examples from her illustrious career in change management.
Change Management Training with Melanie Franklin
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What is Melanie about?

Melanie has a unique profile as she delivers high impact consulting alongside her active training and leadership roles. This ensures that each assignment or course is delivered with passion, energy and focus that only a true practising professional can offer. Incorporating latest innovations and practical techniques, clients and delegates can be confident that they will find immediate use of the knowledge shared in their operational environment.

Take a Step Forward in Change Management

Change Management: The Key Skill for Your Success

The change management profession is a sought-after management discipline that continues to experience exponential growth. For example, there has been an eight-fold increase in the number of change jobs being advertised in the UK between 2019 and 2021. The Change Management  globally recognised qualification is the definitive certification for professionals dealing with organisational change.

In an increasingly digital world, the concept of agile working has been adopted by many organizations that recognize the need to respond quickly and easily to new opportunities in a world of complex and continuous change. Agile Change Agent offers best practice advice for planning and implementing change projects. Concrete tools help deliver projects successfully and realize benefits earlier on in the process. While Agile Change Coach gives you the vital skills to lead others to adopt new ways of working.   

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The Author

Melanie Franklin is a highly respected thought leader in change management with an impressive track record in the successful realisation of business change programmes across public and private sector organisations. An impressive array of clients have benefited from her unique insights into change, including GSK, HSBC, United Nations and International Red Cross. She is the author of several publications and a regular keynote speaker at various conferences worldwide.

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