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03 Mar 2015

Watch and Learn

by Melanie Franklin

Learning from others is a vital part of being a change manager and this recent story highlights how fast changes can occur in seemingly stable environments. You can download the full blog here but a snap-shot can be found below.

Challenge the norms

The next time you visit Selfridges and possibly other department stores you will be faced with a change. No longer are floors to be laid out according to Women or Men – rather they will be blended to appeal to a wider audience.

Relevance to transformational change?

Learning how to craft our change message to our staff actually requires us to look at the 4 categories of staff and their individual needs. The 4 categories are:

  • Newbies
  • Accelerating Growth
  • Sort termers
  • Lifers

Next Steps?

Join me on my Change Management Practitioner courses and learn how to apply this to your own business. We run these monthly so you are sure to find a date that fits with your schedule.

Melanie Franklin
3rd March 2015
Blog, Change