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22 Dec 2016

Top Ranked Change articles

by Melanie Franklin

What a great Christmas present – thank you everyone for participating. I just received this message where I published 4 out of the top 20 articles in 2016 for the APM (Association for Project Management). If you did not catch them then please do follow the links…

From over 1000 articles published in 2016, four articles that you presented for APM were on the Top 20 Reader Favorites list. From December 19th – 30th we are recapping the top 20 Reader Favorite Professional development opportunities of 2016. The readers of are Project Managers, Business Analysts and Agile Professionals from over 150 countries worldwide.

The four webinars are: Am I A Change Manager (#11), Methods, Tools & Activities for Successful Change Management (#9), How Capable Are You At Managing Change (#6) and Finding Effective Change Managers (#5). Evidently, Project Managers and BAs are interested in Change Management. 

We will be promoting these webinars on Friday December 23, on Monday December 26, and on Wednesday December 28. Each article includes a short bio and promotes yourself, your co-presenters and your books.

We tweet out on @EdmontonPM and @pduOTD twitter accounts and send out an RSS Feed.

Your feedback inspires me so please continue to contribute your own ideas and experiences through the various platforms we make available. I look forward to growing our Change and Agile communities with your help through 2017.

Melanie Franklin
22nd December 2016