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02 Feb 2016

The future of Agile…

by Melanie Franklin

The Agile Change BCS event last Thursday prompted so many great questions but the one that really caught my attention was where did each of the panelists think Agile will be in 10 years time?

It was interesting that even though each panelist had diverse experiences of working with Agile we shared broadly the same view – Agile is growing up and becoming a way of working far outside the remit of IT.

In the boardroom I encounter questions about how to make an entire organisation more agile. This request is often shorthand for a long list of demands:

  • Able to respond more quickly to change
  • Faster decision making
  • Less escalation of issues through multiple committees
  • Faster delivery to market
  • Shorter cycles between initial idea and implementation of that idea

It is rewarding to be able to use my knowledge of Agile Project Management techniques and change management methods to apply Agile to the creation of strategy, the inception and planning of very large-scale transformation programmes and the restructuring of organisations.

I feel so lucky to have Agile Project Management as part of my toolkit because it provides me with the answers to so many of the questions that my clients ask.

  • Last week I used the principle of “Focus on Business Need” to define the questions used by a new Portfolio Management Board.
  • I used the principles of “Deliver on Time” and “Develop Iteratively” to redesign the project planning process of a large organisation so that the focus of their planning activity is how much time have we got, not how long can we spend on this. A small but radical and very necessary change. Now I am using all of my change management skills to help them adopt this new behaviour.

So we are at a really exciting point in the evolution of Agile and of project, programme and change management.

As a panel we concluded that agile working is becoming the norm and over the next ten years will give us more techniques and more ideas for how we manage all aspects of business. I can’t wait to see what we develop next.

What do you think? Is Agile moving out of IT and into other areas of business?

Get in touch and share your views.

Melanie Franklin
2nd February 2016