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10 Jan 2016

New Agile Project Management Resources

by Melanie Franklin

I have selected these recent articles as they all tell a similar story about the importance of business agility as an essential part of competitive advantage. They also share my own philosophy which is that business agility is the overall goal not agile software development. So Agile methods should b vied for what they are – contributors to the overall agility of an organisation. Learning about Agile Project Management provides a basic understanding of agile which enables you to apply agile across all aspects of your role and your organisation:

McKinsey provide the business case for being Agile, but they also highlight the importance of consistent, clear business processes which enable an organisation to respond in an agile way without risking everything that they have already achieved –

This in depth report from Accenture makes the point that the whole business ecosystem: suppliers, employees, customers are all part of becoming agile. It also highlights how being agile is now seen by business leaders an essential characteristic of successful organisations –

An example of an organisation that has developed its agile approaches upon the foundation of agile software development and agile project management –

Melanie Franklin
10th January 2016