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03 Jan 2016

Key Change Management trends for 2016

by Melanie Franklin

Everything I have read over the past few weeks about the importance of innovation, agility and adapting to change (thanks to McKinsey, Accenture, Harvard Business Review, Economist Intelligence Unit etc) makes me realise that successful firms are good at social awareness. This is the ability to comprehensively assess what is happening in the world and ask questions about what it might mean to them.

What do clever organisations do?

The clever organisations have created many different sources of this information:

  1. Strategy Offices that are responsible for regular, structured analysis of the market and competitive landscape
  2. HR functions that use the annual employee survey to reinforce the importance of asking the employees about the trends they are seeing from customers, suppliers and competitors
  3. A distributed model of ideas gathering that is embedded across the whole organisation by team leaders and section heads who want to hear new ideas
  4. Structured events that allow customers to engage with the organisation through invitations to Head Office
  5. Marketing teams who use exhibitions and conferences as an opportunity to listen to what customers and the industry are doing as well as putting their message out there
  6. Web and social media analytics to identify the beginnings of trends before the moment is over coupled with the ability to pass this information to decision makers really quickly

Knowing what is in the future

Being able to identify the next things that need to change and doing it quickly is a core competitive advantage. Finding the right things to change doesn’t happen by accident and that is what the really smart firms know. They invest in processes that answer the question “what’s next!” High up on their leadership agenda.

See what you can add to this list and think about how you can help create this capability in your organisation. I predict that by the end of the year this will be an area of change management that many more organisations will want to be good at.

Melanie Franklin
3rd January 2016