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02 May 2016

Importance of engagement and participation

by Melanie Franklin

We know that change only happens if those affected are involved as early as possible in scoping, planning and implementing the change.

As Change Practitioners we are in a constant battle for peoples time and attention because the organisational change we are responsible for is only one of the things they are responsible for. After all ‘business as usual’ doesn’t stop because we need to make changes to how the organisation works.

Making participation simple

Although the UK has low adoption rates, apps and platforms for easy two-way communication are now available.

These tools are in common use in Asia and Australia and I believe they are a useful part of our tool-kit and something all Change Practitioners need to have a view on.

There is no single communications approach to engaging people in change. We know that there are generational differences: Traditionalists prefer to be provided with information; Millennials prefer to source their own information. In planned change initiatives we need to do more explaining, in emergent change we need mechanisms to source ‘bottom up’ ideas for change.

Latest software for change

This is not an exhaustive list but I think these apps are worth knowing about:

– Cultureamp

This app enables rapid and frequent taking of the temperature so helps you know how people are feeling about change

– Hyphenapp

This app also encourages easy sharing of opinions and ideas from across the organisation

– Jostle

I like the Vibrant News function which makes informing everyone about the change easy and the Shout Outs feature which encourages praise and recognition of achievements


Even if you are not in a position to adopt these technologies yet, have a look at what they offer as their ideas can be incorporated into your own communications planning.

Melanie Franklin
2nd May 2016