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03 Apr 2016

I manage change so why do I need to know about Agile?

by Melanie Franklin

Agile is becoming the norm for project management but it’s not just a project methodology. It’s an approach applicable to any initiative where we need regular user feedback because what we are doing is uncertain and new. Uncertainty and newness of course describe any change initiative. So an agile approach is relevant for change management and if you are involved in change these are the top three reasons to learn about AgilePM:

  1. The latest agile survey points out yet again that the reasons for adopting an agile methodology is managing changing priorities cited by 87% of respondents –
  2. AgilePM is the top UK agile methodology, with an increase of 35% in those taking the qualification than last year, and the numbers for the first quarter of this year show another amazing jump. So if lots of other people are getting this qualification, why aren’t you?
  3. AgilePM recognises the inherent link between creating project deliverables and implementing them. It defines the actions needed for successful implementation and assigns specific change management responsibilities across the project team. If you are building a change team this is really something you should know about.

If you want to know more about AgilePM join me on 15th May for my nextAgilePM Practitioner course. I am also the author of the popular Agile Change Management book so look me up on Amazon.

Melanie Franklin
3rd April 2016