Change only happens if we engage everyone impacted to work out and take on what they need to do differently.

Our generational differences can give us a bias in the type of opportunities we make available to get people involved in the change.

This McKinsey research gives us some great insight

To fully engage ‘Millennials’ I think we have to be prepared to pose the problem and create cross functional teams to provide the solutions. We need to hold back from stating what all the changes are going to be.

As Change Practitioners we have to reframe the desired change into the new capabilities required and hold back from stating what the route to achieving it is.

We have to create a lot more space for employees to create the ‘how to get there’ than perhaps we have done in the past.

People younger than me want a more entrepreneurial culture than perhaps I am used to creating at work. I need to become more aware of my own bias and preferences and think about what the opposite of what works for me. At least by offering this opposing view I am trying to work both ends of the participation spectrum.

After all, it’s not how I think the change should work that matters. I just need all those who have to work differently to take the lead locally and create the many little changes that add up to the bigger shift the organisation needs.