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04 Jan 2016

Essential knowledge for Change Management Professionals

by Melanie Franklin

In my role as Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute UK I am frequently asked what change management means. Unfortunately, it’s such a broad subject that it can mean many different things to different people:

  • For those coming from an HR or Organisational Design background, the emphasis is on creating the structure and the roles to support change.
  • For those coming from a project management perspective, they often have an interest in creating a methodology and toolkit to support change.
  • Finally, those in strategic roles view change management as a competitive advantage and a capability that must be developed.

This strategic perspective is interesting because it gives us the business case for getting better at managing change. It recognises that change is something that an organisation has to be better at than others in its market place if it isn’t going to be overtaken and sink quietly into obsolescence.

I think there are 5 core activities that form a capability for change management:

  1. Continually scanning the horizon for new ideas, assessing their potential value and selecting those with the greatest business value
  2. Assessing existing working practices for obsolescence and ending anything that does not add value without blame or recrimination on those who originally instigated the practice
  3. Having a shared view across all functions within the organisation of the importance of continuous enhancement and improvement
  4. Seamlessly implementing change into existing working practices as part of a process of constant renewal
  5. Creating roles that enable staff to view change as part of the day job and not something different or extra to their current role

As change managers, programme managers and business transformation leads (amongst many other titles that us change professionals have acquired over the last few years!) we have to work to incorporate these 5 activities into the DNA of our organisations.

If you want support to do this, come and join the Change Management Institute where you will be encouraged by like-minded professionals, all dealing with the same issues: explaining change management; getting other people to recognise its value; making managing change a normal part of business life.

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Melanie Franklin
4th January 2016