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To maximise personal performance, we all need help from an expert. Leading a complex strategic change requires that same level of support and Melanie provides this to senior executives who have an active need to deliver change.

Coaching details


Initial consultation to assess scope

Diary planning for next 3 months

Maximum 2-hour sessions

2-4 week intervals depending on pace of change


Individual – self review as to dominant/passive characteristics

Team – assessing roles and responsibilities that best fit new challenge

Organisation – stakeholder mapping to plan political/strategic support


Defined goals to be met at end of coaching

Clear action plan after each session

Confidence that decisions being made have been stress-tested

More efficient alignment of resources to the specific change

Replicable model to use for other change initiatives


Why choose Melanie?

Chair of the Change Management Institute (UK)

Over 20 years experience in International organisational change

Published author and qualified lecturer on change management

High energy and passion for excellence

Reliable yet flexible

Always goes the ‘extra mile’ for your benefit

Extensive network of International Board Members