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Change Management Course in London

Providing you with the skills, techniques and processes to deliver effective change.

I think training the Change Management Practitioner course is one of the most important things I do. It contains an excellent grounding in the theories, models and techniques for managing change that we all need to know.

For those new to change management it clarifies the role and provides answers on what to do and gives suggestions for how to do it and in what order to do it.

For those more experienced managers who have been leading change initiatives it gives them a chance to benchmark their experience against recognised best practice, building their confidence that there instinctive ideas have been right all along. It also gives them lots of new ideas for how to address the most common challenges and resistance to change that they experience.

APMG have created a change management syllabus that is fully aligned to the Body of Knowledge from the Change Management Institute. This means you can be reassured that what you are learning prepares you for the Change Management Institute’s various levels of accreditation so which will become relevant as you build your career in change management and business transformation.

The course contains lots of break out sessions to consider the theory and apply it to different situations, some pre-prepared by me and some drawn from your own experience. I want you to have had a go at what you are learning so that it stays with you long after the class has finished and will be easy to use back at work.

I have a fantastic track record of success in getting everyone through their Foundation and Practitioner exams and those who have attended my course recommend it very highly to others – have a look at these Trustpilot reviews to see what I mean.

If you want to be trained by an expert change practitioner who practices what she preaches with her own clients and has lots of live examples of how to do it, then this is the course for you.

Exam details


Gives you the principles of Change Management and theories behind it for four main areas:

– change and the individual
– change and the organization
– communication and stakeholder engagement, and
– change practice


40 minutes multiple choice paper

50 questions, 25 correct answers (50%) are required for a pass

Closed book


2.5 hour objective based testing exam

4 questions with 20 marks per question

40 marks (50%) of the marks are required for a pass

Open book


Define what change means  and examine its impact

Understand principles and application

Describe/manage impact of change on individual and team productivity

Analyse how organisations with different cultures and values are affected

Assess benefits of change models

Specify how to apply Change Management approaches and techniques

Why choose us?

Delegate numbers limited per course – ensures best access to Melanie

Pass rate – currently 100% for all Practitioner courses

Great customer feedback – 5-Star reviews 

Practical experience – Melanie actively consults on agile and change projects

Industry leader – Melanie is Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute (UK)

Specialist knowledge – Melanie advised on the course manual and APMG exam panel

The Story

Change Management delivers key strategic initiatives successfully by helping leaders engage with their staff and other stakeholders. Change was once seen as something that happened after you spent money on a project or initiative but today it is a highly developed approach to changing how organisations work. Change Management courses have been around for a while as part of wider management learning programme but it was in 2008 when the APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner course was launched by Melanie Franklin that it became part of the professional project manager resume. Based off a course manual, the magic for delegates taking the Foundation and Practitioner courses was the practical application of the theory to real world project environments. Linking the syllabus existing courses such as PRINCE2, MSP, MoR and others meant that professionals were able to map their project management business language to the new world of change. Since the launch of the Change Management certificate in 2008, Melanie has trained thousands of professionals and coached over 100 organisations into adopting Change Management principles.

Why is Melanie Franklin such an expert in Change? During her time running global projects for investment banks in the 1990s, Melanie recognised that getting buy-in from staff impacted by the changes in technology or processes was the most important determinant to whether a project was successful or not. While she continued to grow her accredited training business around traditional waterfall project management methodologies, she devoted her consulting time towards behavioural mapping and change management. Her first publication in 2003 was followed by 7 others and each one moved her towards her latest books titled Managing Business Transformation and Agile Change Management.  She continues to run her highly popular Change Management Foundation and Practitioner courses in London every month as well as delivery similar course for clients at their location whether in London, the UK, Europe or Middle East. Her series of webinars on Change Management in conjunction with the APMG are always well attended while her publications and blogs on practical change are sought after by change professionals and those seeking to enter the industry. Melanie was appointed Co-Chair of the Change Management Institute (UK) in 2014 and she coordinates events and conferences for the change industry.

So what are the benefits of the Change Management Certification? The top benefits of taking the Change Management courses and passing the Practitioner qualification are:

  • to evidence your skills in Change Management
  • learn and adopt the latest techniques in leadership
  • deliver business strategy with greater confidence
  • improve your CV or resume with a current certification
  • get paid more for doing the same job
  • speed up your search for a new and better job
  • join the growing number of professionals practicing change
  • learn how to use Change methods to control a volatile environment
  • learn how to use Change methods to energise a dormant business
  • learn from other leaders that join the London Change courses
  • access a comprehensive methodology taking you from start to finish

What is the course structure? The full Change Management Foundation and Practitioner course runs for 4.5 days and takes delegates through the 4 concepts of Change. The first 3 days focus on the groundwork and concepts of effective Change Management and culminate with the Foundation exam in the 3rd day. Practitioners then stay on for the 4th day where skills in applying the Change methods to practical environments are taught. Delegates take the Change Practitioner exam at the beginning of the 5th day. Melanie Franklin runs her courses with high intensity and practical examples drawn from her active Change consulting work with clients so delegates always find direct application to their own work.

What are the Key techniques in Change Management? Melanie teaches the following techniques on the Change course and ensures they are all practical in their application:

  • Benefits logic map
  • Preference analysis
  • Organisation metaphors
  • Lewin and Kotter change models
  • Roles and responsibility mapping
  • Aligning change with strategy
  • Practical mind mapping
  • Storytelling
  • Stakeholder interest plan
  • Team motivation
  • Project management

Are there Key principles in Change? As with all best practice methods there are key principles. There are a number which define the Change Management approach:

  • Defining change
  • Managing benefits
  • Stakeholder strategy
  • Communication and engagement
  • Change impact
  • Change readiness, planning and measurement
  • Project management
  • Education and learning support
  • Facilitation
  • Sustained change
  • Personal and professional management
  • Organisational considerations

Is Change Management training just for those working in projects? Certainly not – most people coming onto the Change Management courses in London are from a general management and consulting back ground. They are seeking ways in which they can enhance project delivery and benefit realisation by having the effective change management principles applied.

How is Change Management linked to Agile Project  Management? Melanie Franklin pioneered the combination of Change and through her book Agile Change Management. Seeing the benefits of taking behavioural and leadership skills into the structured project management environment, she took the short-term characteristics of Agile Project Management and combined them with the medium term objectives of Change Management. 95% of delegates taking a Change Management course with Melanie also take the Agile Project Management Practitioner course as they also see the benefits of combining the two subjects.

How is the Change Management qualification recognised? The Change Management course was launched by the APMG and is recognised by the Change Management Institute and APM. This gives the Agile Project Management qualification a global recognition.

Where are Change courses run? Melanie Franklin runs her open scheduled courses in London and delegates from anywhere in the world can attend. Clients also ask her to run Change courses at their offices around the world. So far she has delivered Change throughout England, Scotland, Ireland as well as Denmark, Germany and Holland. Further afield she has run courses in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.