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08 Dec 2014

When Coaching goes well

by Melanie Franklin

I just posted the latest entry to my Diary of a Change Consultant in my blog and wanted to share the three positive learning points:

  1. Get a big wall
  2. Mapping roles & responsibilities with capabilities
  3. Checking the Transformation Team

While a huge amount of work goes into preparing for a strategic coaching session, by using the approach above my coachee and I were able to cover a huge amount of ground. What we developed by the end of the day left us tired but exhilarated that we now knew what the next steps in the transformation would be.

Next steps

I cover this approach to coaching in both my Change Management Practitioner and Agile Project Management Practitioner courses. If you want to learn more then join me on my next courses throughout 2015 where I can help you gain a qualification while at the same time resolve any of your own planning issues.

Melanie Franklin
8th December 2014