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27 Dec 2014

Cheats guide to Project Management

by Melanie Franklin

Being handed the Project Manager for the first time can be exhilarating and frighting in equal measure. These emotions are heightened around the Christmas/New Year period when there is no support or network to bounce your ideas off. To help with this situation, my blog which you can download covers the main steps to follow when facing this challenge.

Planning for Projects

Three main steps are:

  1. Planning – do it fast
  2. Get on with it – don’t delay the start
  3. Forming the team – fill your roles and responsibilities

Using these steps will put you back in control and enable you to go into 2015 with renewed confidence. If you want to formalise your approach to such projects then joining me on my Agile Project Management courses will give you the chance to build on your own experiences and learn how to structure fast paced and successful projects.

Best of luck to all you project managers for 2015.



Melanie Franklin
27th December 2014