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20 Apr 2015

Change Management Chief Examiner – review

by Melanie Franklin

I attended a great event held by APMG International to launch the latest version of the Change Management Practitioner Course.

 Chief Examiner review

Richard Smith, Chief Examiner gave a fantastic keynote and this is what I learnt:

  1. Organisations are changing

There is recognition that strategy doesn’t just appear. Change at it’s best is part of a direction for an organisation and making sure that direction is practical. Change managers need to maintain that clear line of site between what is happening now and where the strategy says we should be going. This aligns with my experience of hiring change managers, where we want good strategic thinkers not just those who can deliver successfully but who keep asking ‘where is this taking us and why are we going there?

  1. Leadership is changing

Unrelenting pace of change requires a different approach to leadership. Need for modelling new behaviors, new priorities, new perspectives has to come from the top. People are too sophisticated in their thinking (and perhaps too cynical?) to act on a request for them to change if they do not see this modeled by their senior managers. In the 21st century, leadership requires leaders to be authentic and to demonstrate credibility. No longer ‘do as I say‘ but instead ‘do as I do‘.

  1. Change is changing

Great IBM report ( which describes the difficulties of making change work while the work keeps changing. Useful idea of the change manager as change architect which can be used to benchmark your own progress on change.

IBM’s report also identifies that change management activities need to be costed and included in the project budgets. The research identified that those projects that led to real business change that sticks had spent 11% of their budgets on change activities but that the average spend is closer to 5% so no real surprise as to why do many projects fail to deliver the changes they promise in their Business Cases.

Richard also highlighted a useful report about the NHS which looks at how change needs to be nudged forward in very large organisations.

Next Steps

Having worked on both the new manual “Effective Change Manager’s Handbook” and also supported development of the exams, I am looking forward to training the new course starting 18th May. I will then be delivering it in Spain, Middle East and Europe to cohorts of project and change professionals looking to access the very latest in techniques.

Melanie Franklin
20th April 2015