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05 Dec 2016

Change is Relentless

by Melanie Franklin

As we wind down to the end of the year, new projects and programmes for 2017 are being defined.

I have been involved in so much change this year but it is not all neatly finishing in time for new initiatives to begin.

Clearing the decks

This relentless cycle of change is best addressed by revisiting those that are ‘nearly finished’ to see what we can do to ‘push them over the line’ and create enough space for all the new changes coming up.

Many of these tasks address small details which are disproportionately time consuming to fix but which have a negative impact on productivity. For example, dealing with those customers whose exceptional circumstances don’t fit with the new streamlined processes and which are being handled by individual team members. Or the manual workarounds needed for some expenses not automatically processed by the new finance system.

Find your ‘completer/finishers’ and get them to help

I know my working style is creating big ideas and doing the planning to make them happen. But I am not good at tidying up the details. So, I have identified several people who like making finishing things off and who get real satisfaction at working at something until every last detail has been fixed. This has included posting up my 2017 course schedule so I know where I will be for the first six months of the New Year and also tidying up consulting assignment contracts with procurement departments so payments are not delayed.

With 3 working weeks left until the end of the year, what tasks are you going to finish to clear enough space for all of the new changes happening in 2017?

Melanie Franklin
5th December 2016