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14 Apr 2015

Change is Changing – new course explained

by Melanie Franklin

Having been closely involved in reviewing the new course manual “The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook” as well as assuring the new examination questions, I wanted to outline the main changes as I see them between the original course that dated from 2008 to the new launch in May 2015.

The full download can be found on my blog or through the website however for a quick snapshot, here are the main features:

4 sections

  1. Change and the Individual
  2. Change and the Organisation
  3. Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
  4. Change Management Practice

Shorter exam – Now 2.5 hours rather than 3 hours

Updated themes and models

Less time on Theory and more time on Practical application

Next steps

I decided to run the next course syllabus as soon as I could so as of 18th May, all my delegates will get to experience the new materials and manual.

Melanie Franklin
14th April 2015