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19 Feb 2015

Agile Adoption – lessons learned

by Melanie Franklin

I just completed a workshop where my client that had a well established waterfall/PRINCE2® project methodology but was losing touch with its project delivery cycle. Adoption of Scrum by the IT team meant that Project teams were being left behind, a situation that if allowed to continue would result in escalating issues for staff and the organisation as a whole.


My blog explains in more details the issues and resolution to this. I also recently ran a webinar on transitioning from Waterfall to Agile and you can follow it here

Next Steps

Any project managers working within a traditional waterfall /PRINCE2 environment will get a great deal from the Agile Project Management course. It allows them to explore how they can adopt more agile ways of working without losing touch with the structures and processes they and their colleagues has become used to.

Melanie Franklin
19th February 2015