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06 Sep 2015

5 reasons why Project Managers should know about Change Management

by Melanie Franklin

I often find myself addressing groups of either Change Managers or Project Managers and am often struck by the lack of understanding that each group has about what the other brings to the party. Organisational change cannot happen without an effective partnership between creation of new ways of working (projects) and their transition to become the new norm (change management). These were the key points I made to a group of Project Managers recently, to demonstrate that their current view of the project timeline ending with handover isn’t doing them any favours:

  1. Understand and plan: You cannot realise the benefits of your project if you don’t understand and plan for all of the activities users need to help them transition from one way of working to another.
  2. Effective Scoping: You will under estimate the time (and possibly money) required because without these transition activities your project will be under scoped.
  3. The “Right Stuff”: You won’t assign enough resources with the right skills. Helping users to transition to new ways of working requires high emotional intelligence. You need project team members who are persuasive, engaging and can build trust with their users.
  4. Key activities: Without an understanding of how to manage change you will not appreciate the importance of key activities including Impact Assessments, Readiness Assessments and deployment of change levers. If these are not in your project plan from the beginning they are very hard to redo fit into your project at the end.
  5. Vital Impact Assessment: Stakeholder identification is often taught on the basis of models such as UPIG – Users, Providers, Influencers and Governance. However, a detailed Impact Assessment will identify stakeholders who are the recipients of ‘knock-on effects’ and unintended consequences from your project that you will not find unless you specifically search for them.

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Melanie Franklin
6th September 2015
Change Management