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31 Aug 2015

5 reasons why Project Managers should be Agile

by Melanie Franklin

5 reasons why all PMs should have agile qualifications on their CV

  1. Tipping point:Even those organisations who haven’t formally adopted agile project management are using the terminology. Recent research indicates that about a quarter of companies in the UK are applying or trialling an agile approach so we are moving towards the tipping point when agile becomes the norm and not the exception.
  2. CV relevance: Everyone is talking about agile but if it’s not on your CV you are advertising that you are out of the loop. It’s difficult to make the case that you are a project professional if you are not well informed about the biggest trend to impact our profession in a decade.
  3. Well informed: If you don’t know how agile works how can you join the debate on how, when and where it should be applied? Despite what some enthusiasts claim, an agile approach isn’t always the solution. Effective project management means tailoring our approach to fit the situation but if you don’t know about agile aren’t you in danger of only pushing for use of what you do know (which is probably PRINCE2?)
  4. Early benefits: Customers want tangible outputs from their project investment as soon as possible. Agile planning and delivery cycles will enable you to meet this demand. It is no longer acceptable to deliver only at the end of the project lifecycle. Success means being fast on our feet and getting our products and services in front of our users as soon as possible.
  5. Leadership authority: Lots of project team members already have an understanding of agile and see it as the best of breed approach. If you don’t understand what agile project management is and how it works you risk your authority being challenged by your own team!
Melanie Franklin
31st August 2015
agile project management