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24 Nov 2014

Good manners gives you influence

by Melanie Franklin

Running a Change Management course this week for a passionate change team gave me time to reflect on the behavioral aspects of Change and the simple view that “Good Manners gives you Influence”. My latest blog discusses this point.

good manners to influence change


Aside from the benefits of a more pleasant working environment, the challenge for Change Practitioners is that they have to enter different working environments all the time. They also have to influence those working in that environment when perhaps they have no experience of the environment they are seeking to change.


I wrote my latest blog to capture the trigger points that define Good Manners and you can download it here. You will agree it is not rocket science however hopefully you will also agree that to apply these skills in a consistent manner at the right time without losing your main objective of Influence is actually quite challenging.



My Change Management Practitioner courses cover these behavioural aspects in great detail. While you get to study them as part of the syllabus, you will also get to practice them in a live environment and learn from others as to what works for you. Why not join me and find out for yourself how you can build your influence.


Melanie Franklin
24th November 2014
Change Management, Courses